Showdown Live lets you host your own trivia games. You pick the time you want to go live and the topic for your game.


Think of a theme for your
trivia game. It can be anything.
You'll receive coins for hosting your
game and bonus coins for higher
ratings and more players.
Decide if you’re going to host a
mini game with 6 questions, or a
full game with 12-questions.
Create a game, and enter in the
questions and 2-4 answers. Make
sure to put the correct answer first.
Players will always see them in
random order.
Then add a title and some tags so
players can find your game.
Once your game is created, share it
with your friends to get them
excited about it.
When it’s time for your game to go
live, you’ll launch the questions
and answers right from the app
and see the players responses
come through in real time.
At the end of your game you’ll
crown a winner and players will
rate how awesome it was.


What should i make trivia games about?
You can make games about anything you want from cooking to your favorite sport. Just make sure the content is common knowledge so your players have a fair shot at getting the answers right.
Do I need to make questions start easy and get harder?
You do not. While this technique is common for elimination games, it's not necessary in Showdown Live because players get points for the speed of their answer and not just if they got it right.
How many answers does each question need to have?
Each question needs to have at least two answers, and maximum of four. It is therefore possible to have true or false questions.
Why do you allow the rear facing camera to be used?
In case you're hosting a game with a friend where one holds the camera and the other acts as a host. Also, you don't HAVE to be on camera the whole time? Think your teddy bear would make a great host. Show us!
How do players find my game?
Players can find your game through their homescreen, game list, search, or through their subscription screen if they subscribe to you. To get more players in your game, you can share it on your social networks and when someone clicks your game link they'll be taken right into your game lobby.
How do I get my game featured?
Our team is always on the search for great creators. If we see that you're consistently putting our great games and building your subscribers we may feature your game on users home screens to help bring you even more players.
Why do my questions and results auto launch after the timer runs out?
We do this to keep your game moving and to keep some consistency among all the game times. Your players want to hear what you have to say, but they also want to play trivia. The timer is there to help keep you on track
Why do players rate my game?
Players rate your game 1-5 stars when it's done to let you know what they thought of it. Your average game rating shows on your profile. It's there to encourage you to make the best games you can and to help us remove creators who make games that are not adding positively to our community.
What time should I host my game at?
You can host your game at any time you want, day or night. Host your game at a time that you think is best for you and your creators. Games are booked in 15-minute intervals. Pro Tip: The best way to build a loyal following is to host your games at the same time each day so players know when to expect it.
How many players can play my game at once?
You can have up to 3000 players playing your game at once. Anyone over 3000 will not be able to enter your game, however if a player leaves, then a spot will open for a new player to start. Games are first come, first serve so priority is given to players who are in the game lobby first.
Can I host a private game before I go live to the world?
Yes you can. In your creator studio there's a sample game in your drafts folder. Click that and hit the Practice button. You can now host a game for an audience of bots. It's just for fun and it will let your practice your hosting skills. Every game you create will have a practice mode you can play with.
What does it mean if a player reports my game?
All game reports are reviewed by our team to see if the content of those games violated our terms of service. If your game violates our terms or your questions & answered are not well known the players you could receive a warning from us. Multiple offenders may be removed from the app completely.
Do I earn coins for creating games?
Yes, creating games has the highest coin payout in the app! However to earn coins you must receive at least a 4-star rating and have 25 or more players in your game.
How does the creator leaderboard work?
Creators are ranked on the leaderboard based on the total number of subscribers they have. This ranking changes in realtime.
I want to create lot's of games, but I don't want type them all into my phone. Can I do it on the computer?
Glad you asked. That's not possible yet, but we are working on a web browser interface that will allow you to enter questions and answers from a computer. It's coming soon!

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