Face off against your friends and strangers for total trivia domination
Join games around topics that you love from top trivia hosts all over North America
Work your way up the leaderboard to be crowned a trivia master
Earn coins for playing and winning games that can be redeemed for real world gift cards
Share your progress to your friends and challenge them to games
Subscribe to your favorite hosts and play only the games that interest you


Find an upcoming game that
interests you. You can can browse
games about to begin to search for
one around any topic you like.
Earn coins for playing, winning and
sharing games and then redeem
them for gift cards from your
favorite online stores
Join a live game, and invite
your friends to play too.
Answer all 12 questions
as fast as you can. The faster
you answer, the
more points your get.
At the end
of the game, you’ll see how you
rank compared to all the other
See how well you
rank on the global
leaderboard compared
to all the other players
across the app.
Make sure you subscribe to your
favorite hosts so you get notified
when they create new games
to play.


How do game points work?
The faster you answer the more points you get. You start with a max 10-points per round and loose 1 point for every second that passes. You can score max 120 points for a game.
What is the bell icon for in a users profile?
Use the bell icon to control with push notifications you receive for that creator.
Can anyone see or hear me while i'm playing a game?
No, only the host is seen and heard during a game. You can however interact with the host and rest of the players using the live chat function.
Why do I need to rate the game once it’s done?
Rating a game let’s the host know how much you liked it. We promote creators who have strong game ratings so answer truthfully.
How do i get coins?
Coins are earned from completing various activities in the app such as playing, creating, winning and inviting friends. The full list of how to get coins is inside the rewards section of the app.
Can I see which friends i’m playing with?
Yes, we’ll show you which friends are planning to play each game with you in the game lobby.
What data do I share with you from Facebook?
We take your privacy very seriously and we only ask for the permissions we need to enhance your game experience. This include your name, profile picture, email and friends list.
What influences my rank on the leaderboard?
Leaderboard ranking is based on a complex algorithm that takes into account your score, how many people you’re playing against and many other factors.
Can I get eliminated?
No, you will never be eliminated from a game, even if you get the answer wrong.
How do I report a game?
You can report a game while it's live or from the game ended screen. We recommend you report a game if it's in violation of our terms of service.
How do I give feedback on the app?
In the app under your profile, click ‘settings’ and then ‘give feedback’. You can also email us at contact@showdown.live. We love hearing from users so shout us out!
Can I win money playing Showdown Live?
You don't win cash but you can earn $25 gift certificates equal to real dollars. Choose any of the supported stores that interest you include: Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart and Best Buy
Can I change my username and picture?
You may not change your username, but you can change your picture at any time inside your profile settings.
How many people can join to play a game?
Currently there is a limit of 3000 players per game. In the future we will look at removing this limit.
Can I join a game once it's started?
Yes, you can join a game at anytime. However if you join a game late, it grealy reduces your chance of winning.

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